It is easier to dissolve in water than before.
The good quality care
that is higher-grade with a carbonated spring.


4 tips for using carbonated spring EX
at trimming salon and animal hospital.

cologne features dog bath

For beauty

AHA fruit acid (Alpha Hxdroxy Acid).
Drop an old keratin easily.
It contains double moisturizing ingredients for dry and sensitive skin.
Increase metabolism.

For clean

Wash odor and smell.

For healthy

The capillary of the whole body is expanded
when taking a bath in a carbonated spring.
Bloodstream is promoted.
Blood pressure and a heart rate falls.
The burden to a body is reduced and
you can be relaxed.

※Before using for dog, you remove dirt by shampoo beforehand, and please apply treatment.

dog bath

How to use

How to use
Please prepare 10L hot water for the bus tub (possible a baby bus) for dog. Please make 36-38 degrees Celsius an aim in the state that I collected hot water in. At first please put all A parcel of carbonated spring EX into a bus tub Stir it so that powder is not left at the bottom, and please completely dissolve it. Please put it to sprinkle B parcel of carbonated spring EX on the bath surface next. Stir it kindly and foam afterwards. It is the completion of the carbonated spring. Let a doggy take a bath for 2-3 minutes while doing hot water for from a back then.Please rinse it out with hot water or water after bathing well.
dog bath
New and Improved in June 2017
Product name
Quantity and price
1box (1pack (A piece18g+B piece27g) ×24packs)
(for professional use)
Used for
All type of Dogs
It is made with Mild Acid for dogs. New and Improved carbonated powder with pack of 2 difference piece. It contains hyaluronic acid and collagen as moisturizer. It is easier to dissolve in water than before. The carbonated bubbles with pack of 2 difference piece spread evenly over the whole your dog’s skin and coat. Make your dog body and mind relaxed while taking a bath. Gives your pets softer and smoother skin. Reduces odor.Improves blood circulation and boost metabolism.
Key Ingredients
●AHA(Fruit Acid);Exfoliation for skin care
●Hyaluronic Acid; Moisturizer
●Collagen; Moisturizer

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