With the motto of "delivering the safest, most secure and reliable pet industry to as many customers as possible as soon as possible", we are not limited to the domestic pet care market, but are global in the field of the domestic and overseas pet industry market. Continue to challenge business development.

"We will not only sell products, but also provide high safety and 30 years of history in manufacturing products based on human cosmetics standards, a sense of security for the support of professional groups, and the trust of safety and security." As a result, we are convinced that it will lead to the purchase of the products and services we provide, and with the aim of implementing all the policies to deliver the peace of mind and trust as much as possible and as soon as possible, not only in Japan but also in Japan. Expand globally to overseas.

The business advocates expanding beyond the care market of shampoo sales, which is the current main market, to the large field of the pet's total industrial market.

Ultimately, we want to be called a comprehensive pet support maker by care product distributors.

Business content

It is the sole distributor of the exclusive product brand "ZOIC" for pets developed and manufactured by the group company "Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd." We make proposals and sell to trimming salons, specialty retailers, animal hospitals, etc.

Organization chart

NAKANO Holdings Group Co., Ltd. consists of three companies: Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd., Nakano Seiyaku Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Heartland Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

Create beauty and contribute to the people of the world

It is a company motto common to the group.

As the word implies, we want to contribute to the "happiness" of people not only in Japan but also around the world by creating and providing "beauty" that truly enriches people's lives through the products we develop and sell.

A sense of mission

Through their work, Heartland employees not only contribute to the happiness of pets and their owners and the prosperity of the industry, but also rank up all aspects of the pet industry, which is often seen at a low level, and human beings. Our mission is to raise the stage above the standard.

High aspiration to "lead the stage up of the industry"

10 Action Guideline Articles

  1. Being excited to excite others

  2. Taking on new challenges

  3. Improving continuously through SENSE-DESIGN-TRUST

  4. Focusing on customer viewpoint and satisfaction

  5. Clarifying principles and objectives

  6. Aiming for professional excellence

  7. Maintaining respect and consideration of others

  8. Leading with integrity

  9. Embracing globalization and diversification

  10. Deciding for now