in1986Nakano Co., Ltd. founded

New release of Zoic series. Debuted as a full-fledged coat care product.

in1991Heartland Co., Ltd. established
New release of DYEX

A beautiful color with a vivid dyeing and transparency without damaging the coat.

in 1991 New release of DYEX

in1992New release of Zoic Upstage Marmal

A grooming agent developed with low irritation and safety first.

in 1992 New release of Zoic Upstage Marmal

in1994Renewal of Zoic series

Renewal release in 4 types of papidol, whitey, short and long to meet customer needs.

in 1986 Nakano Co., Ltd. founded

in1994New release of cats shampoo

Easy and convenient rinse-in shampoo for cats.

in 1994 New release of cats shampoo

in1998New release of Pozes series

A status series that pursues hair beauty and healthy skin.

in 1998 New release of Pozes series

in2003Opened Kanagawa Sales Office
New release of 2 types of old dog foam

Gentle care only for the year you have spent. A foam type that suits your physical strength at that time.

in 2003 New release of 2 types of old dog foam

in2003Renewal of cats shampoo

Renewed the bottle design of cats shampoo.

in 2003 Renewal of cats shampoo

in2004Started overseas expansion to South Korea
New release of Zoic Colon Apple & Basil

A natural design based on natural fragrances that minimizes scent stimulation for delicate dogs and cats.

in 2004 New release of Zoic Colon Apple & Basil

in2005New release of fur make

Emphasis is placed on the special finish in the salon, preventing tangling and pilling of the hair, and creating a fluffy and voluminous style.

in 2005 New release of fur make

in2008New release of quick half

Just shampooing will give you a glossy and supple finish that looks like a treatment.

in 2008 New release of quick half

in2008New release of natural mode

A natural series that you can choose according to your skin condition.


in2012Hiroyuki Yoshimoto became president

in 2008 Hiroyuki Yoshimoto became president

in2015New release of Zoic N

An important pet that shines exceptionally always beside you. A full-scale coat care series that is mild and gentle.

in 2015 New release of Zoic N

in2016New release of Furmake EX

There are two types, "Smooth Style" that gives the hair a beautiful luster and smooth smoothness, and "Air Style" that gives the hair a mesmerizing and fluffy feeling.

in 2016 New release of Furmake EX

in2017Change corporate mark

We have changed the corporate color.

in 2017 Change corporate mark

in2017New release of Zoic Cut-X

A professional cut lotion that supports beautiful design cuts in a shorter period of time.

in 2017 New release of Zoic Cut-X

in2018New release of Zoic Colon

You can select the appropriate scent according to your mood at the important time with your dog.

in 2018 New release of Zoic Colon

in2018New release of SKIMO for professional

A series of moisturizing skin with dense foam to give gloss and slippery hair.

in 2018 New release of SKIMO for professional

in2019New release of SKIMO for retail

A series that moisturizes the skin with a dense lather and gives the coat a glossy and slippery look, even at home.

in 2019 New release of SKIMO for retail

in2020Formulate a corporate message

For the owner, it's like a family.
We want you to spend more "enriching your heart" than living with your precious pet.
We support through "Health, Cleanliness, Beauty".

Formulate a corporate message