We are looking for wholesalers
which work as a distributor with us.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

We'll tell you the details by email.

In some case, there are times when we can't accept your demand
with ingredients, trademarks, prices and quantities.

Our point of view

Heartland Co., Ltd. is Long-established company which founded over 30 years.


We bleave it‘s important for pets and owner to live with health and beauty.

So, we deal in pets care items about health and beauty.

About a contract to sales

We make a contract with a distributor after agree to the contract each other, because we care for relationship with you.

If you correspond to the conditions which is the next, we restrict trading with you.

  • Companies and Shops which only sale on inter-net without existing stores.
  • Drugstores and supermarkets which don’t have groomers.

If we find false reports and connection between you and anti-social forces, we stop or cancel the contract.