Heartland Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the advanced information society, and strives to protect personal information based on the following policy.

Personal information protection policy

1-1. Protection of personal information

Heartland Co., Ltd. fully recognizes the social mission regarding the protection of all personal information handled by our company, protects the rights of the individual, and complies with the laws and regulations regarding personal information.

1-2. Personal information protection policy
  • Personal information is acquired, used and provided only to the extent necessary for our legitimate business execution, employee employment and personnel management, and exceeds the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use. We do not handle personal information. In addition, we will take measures to prevent unintended use.
  • We will not provide personal information to third parties except with the consent of the individual or when permitted by law. In addition, when providing personal information to a third party, we oblige the third party to manage it appropriately.
  • We will comply with Japanese laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, guidelines set by the Japanese government, and other norms.
  • We will continuously improve the personal information security system by injecting management resources that match the actual situation of the business in order to take reasonable safety measures and prevent risks such as leakage, loss, and damage of personal information. In case of emergency, we will take corrective measures promptly.
  • We will respond promptly, honestly and appropriately to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information.
  • The personal information protection policy shall be taken so that anyone can confirm it at any time by posting it on our website.

Privacy policy

2-1. Acquisition of unique ID issued to the browser and information that cannot identify an individual

Our website uses the service provided by SATORI Co., Ltd. , to randomly issue an ID consisting of a unique character string for each browser that the user browses. We may collect the behavior history information and attribute information of users of our website.

◆The following information may be obtained for browser transmission information.

  • IP address: Identifying the approximate area where you are browsing your site
  • URL / referrer / access date / time of visited site: Accumulation and analysis of user behavior
  • Browser User Agent Information: Identifying the browser the user is using

◆The following information may be obtained for user input information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Delivery information when using our online shop
  • Transaction history with our online shop and its contents

These data may be able to identify an individual by combining them, but even if there is a possibility that an individual can be identified from the acquired data, we will not re-identify it.

2-2. About personal information that we acquire

We may collect personal information such as the user's name, e-mail address, and affiliation name when providing our products and services, responding to requests for materials, recruiting seminar participants, etc. The user can refuse to obtain personal information from us, but if the personal information is not provided properly, we will not be able to receive appropriate services. For the handling of personal information, please also refer to "1. Personal Information Protection Policy".

2-3. Purpose of use of information acquired by us

We will use the acquired information for the following purposes. In addition, we may jointly use it with our group companies and partner companies to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

  • Measuring and improving advertising effectiveness
  • Delivery of behavioral targeting ads
  • Market analysis
  • Analogy of demographic information such as gender
  • Monitoring fraud
  • Controlling ad viewing frequency
  • Providing information about our products and service
  • Sale and provision of our products and services
  • Information on our products and services, seminars, events, etc.
  • Fulfillment of contracts, including support for our products and services
  • Business negotiations and inquiries
  • Our recruiting activities

2-4. Management of acquired information

We will endeavor to keep the information obtained accurate and up-to-date, and will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures to protect it from unauthorized access, alteration, leakage, loss and damage.

  • We pay close attention to the security of the information we collect on our website.
  • We have set restrictions so that only those of our employees who are necessary for business execution can access the information.

2-5. Outsourced supervision

We may outsource the handling of the acquired information. In that case, we will conclude necessary contracts such as basic contracts related to information deposit and provide necessary and appropriate supervision to the entrusted person.

2-6. About cookies

Cookies are information sent from the server computer to your browser and stored on the hard disk of your computer.

2-7. About using Google Analytics ™

Our website uses Google Analytics ™ to retrieve traffic data. If you want to refuse the use of cookies by Google Analytics ™, you can opt out from the site provided by Google Analytics ™.

Google Analytics opt-out add-on

(Google Analytics ™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.)

2-8. About advertisement distribution

We use a program provided by an advertisement distributor and use cookies to conduct behavioral targeting advertisements on specific sites. Advertisement distributors use the cookies to deliver advertisements. Those who wish to disable these advertisements can disable the use of cookies from the following advertisement distributor's page.

<yahoo> opt out of ads

<Google> opt out of ads

<Facebook> opt out of ads

<Twitter> opt out of ads

2-9. Continuous improvement of privacy policy

We will review the privacy policy as appropriate in light of the development of information technology and changes in social demands, and will strive to continuously improve the handling of acquired information.

About the use of our website

To use our website (, you need to comply with the following conditions. Please be sure to check the latest information as each condition is subject to change.

3-1. About copyright

The copyright of all contents (text, materials, images, sounds, etc.) on our website is owned by us or a third party with legitimate rights. Regardless of the purpose of use, the medium of use, etc., all or part of the content on our website may not be copied or diverted without the permission of each right holder including us.

3-2. Trademark rights

The rights regarding trade names, trademarks, marks, logo marks, etc. used on our website are owned by us or a third party with legitimate rights and are protected by laws and regulations including the Unfair Competition Prevention Law. All or part of the trade names on our website cannot be used without the permission of each right holder including us.

3-3. Disclaimer

  • We are not responsible for any damages caused by the use of various information obtained from our website and other websites linked to our website.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by the change of the contents on our website or the interruption or suspension of the operation of our website for any reason.
  • We may change or delete the contents and URLs on our website without notice, and we do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by this.

3-4. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

All matters related to our website are governed by Japanese law. In addition, the Kyoto District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for all disputes related to our website.


For inquiries regarding our privacy policy, etc.,please use the Inquiry Form of Heartland Co., Ltd.