Delivering the safest, most secure and reliable pet industry to as many customers as possible as soon as possible

Heartland Co., Ltd. is not limited to the domestic pet care market, but our concept is to continue to take on the challenge of global business development in the field of the domestic and overseas pet industry market.

What we are aiming for

No. 1 trust from the pet salon


By providing products that promise the healthy beauty of pets based on the latest science, we aim to be No. 1 in the reliability of our products from our customers.


In the highly competitive pet salon industry, we aim to be No. 1 in customer trust as a company that supports the prosperity of our customer salons by providing reliable products and numerous support activities.

Origin of company name & brand name

Heartland Co., Ltd.

The company name "Heart" refers to the heart, and the determination to become a core company in the pet industry is included. We want to be the "heart of the heart" for all employees, all customers, and all business partners.

We changed the corporate color in 2017. The dark green that surrounds the heart represents the symbol of "safety, security, and trust" that has been cultivated over the past 30 years. The bright green in the heart is filled with the feeling that we will challenge new things, which will germinate and grow into a bright future.


It is a coined word of Zoology + IC. We are developing with the concept of "correct product development with chemical theoretical support".

For over 30 years, we have continued to protect the brand as a beauty shampoo in the pet salon industry and continue to develop.

Commitment to product development

We do not
sell water

The ZOIC brand is developed and manufactured by Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd. a group company of Heartland Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Kyoto, Nakano Seiyaku has been developing, manufacturing and selling hair cosmetics and quasi-drugs for beauty salons since its establishment in 1959.

The origin of Nakano Seiyaku's product development is symbolized by the founder's words, "We do not sell water."

"The product must embody the conscience and sincerity of the scientist.Quality is everything and should not be sold in a neatly decorated container."

A cosmetics company bearing the name "pharmaceutical"

 Make products
without lies

Although Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics company, the company name is named "Pharmaceutical". The reason for this comes from the founder's passionate desire to create products that are not lying, not products that pretend to be the surface.

The founder, who was originally a scientist, wanted to create products that are not ashamed of the conscience of scientists, even if they are cosmetics, with the same sincere feeling as making pharmaceutical products.

That is the origin of the company name of Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

Fusion of Kyoto and Shiga prefectures

Nakano Seiyaku's factory, headquartered in Kyoto Prefecture, is located in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, which has Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa, which is said to be a water bottle that supports the lives of about 14 million people in the Kinki region.

Traditions and techniques that have been passed down from ancient times to the ancient city of Kyoto, which boasts a history of 1,200 years. And the awareness of the environment cultivated in the beautiful water and rich natural environment of Shiga Prefecture. Based on these, Nakano Seiyaku's products are created by creating products that combine tradition with the latest technology and consideration for nature and environmental conservation.

Until now and in the future.

A climate nurtured by the location of the head office and factory in Kyoto and Shiga.

And "prescription", "quality", "performance", "environment" and "technology" that have been cultivated and inherited in that climate.

Nakano Seiyaku, which produces ZOIC products, will continue to inherit this "stickiness". We will continue to manufacture products with higher quality and higher performance.