We always think about what we can do "to realize a richer society with pets."

Heartland Co., Ltd.
Hiroyuki Yoshimoto, President

In this harsh world, pets such as dogs and cats are now irreplaceable and truly important to us.

We are always asking ourselves what we can do to build a more prosperous society with our pets through our business. Our business is to provide as many pet care products as possible to keep dogs and cats healthy, clean, and cleaner. For that reason, you can spend your time with your pet comfortably for as long as possible. That leads to the true happiness of pets and their owners. We believe so and work.

For that purpose, we must deliver more "safe" and "safe" products no matter what. Then, tell them how to use it "correctly" and have them show 100% of the effect. In other words, I think it is most important to use it through advice from pet shops and salons backed by specialized knowledge and experience.

And I hope this homepage will help you. We sincerely hope that our brand "ZOIC" series will be useful for your dog, cat, and owner's true happiness and rich pet life.