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We always think what we can do to build a pet-friendly society.

Now, pets such as dogs and cats are not just pets, they heal our souls and are the important creatures for us.

We keep asking ourselves what we can do to build a pet-friendly society through our business. We believe in providing pet care products such as shampoo and conditioner and so on what are able to bring pets clean, beautiful and healthy conditions to as many people as we can that is able to contribute happier and longer with pets.

We think the most important things of our business are providing secure and safe products, and sharing the correct usages and efficient methods of products with professionals in pet salons or shops who will give the pets owners the appropriate advices according to their experience and our sharing.

We hope it is opportunity for you to get to know our thinking and our products through website. We also hope we support you and your lovely dogs and cats to build a happy life.