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We also believe in providing our pet care products (ZOIC series) such as shampoo and conditioner and so on what are able to bring pets clean,
beautiful and healthy conditions to as many pet salons as we can that is able to contribute happier and longer with pets.

We aim to become top leader in the pet industry.

We support the business of our customers such as pet salons and pet shops.
We will try to continue to live up to its motto: we provide products with safety and high quality and value.

  • Highly reliable products
  • To make more beautiful coat…we aim to be the industry NO.1 through providing products to bring pets beautiful and healthy conditions. Our products are manufactured based on the latest technology.

  • Gaining trust from our customer
  • We will continue to build trust from our customer through supporting our customer and providing highly reliable products.

The origin of the company name / brand name

  • Origin of our company name:HEARTLAND CO.,LTD
  • The name HEART was taken from English. This means heart as part of body.
    It suggests we will be the most important or central part of pet supply industry.
    We want to be "mind resort" for all employees, including the President, for all guests, with all business partners The color of corporate mark has been changed in 2017.
    The dark green as frame of heart express security, safety, and reliance with the 30-years history. The light green as inside of heart express we try to continue to challenge new things like germinate and grow new bud.

  • Origin of the bland name
  • 「ZOIC」=Zoology+ic This is a coined word.
    We have been developing and manufacturing our products that are scientifically proven.

where have manufactured our products


All of ZOIC series products are developed and manufactured by NAKANO SEIYAKU CO.,LTD. It is also a group company of us. Its head office is located in Kyoto. Since its founding in 1959, they have developed, manufactured and sold hair care cosmetics for professional. Their main products are hair wax products as styling products and hair color agent. They are used many hair salons and many customers from a wide range of ages as homecare products through hair salon. We provide our products to our customer by NAKANO SEIYAKU CO.,LTD which have a long history and have earned high trust from customer.

We have had our company policy
since the day NAKANO SEIYAKU CO.,LTD was established.

ZOIC We never sell products which are made with almost water.
Quality of products is the most important for us not beautiful package of products. We haven’t changed the above spirit for sixty years.
NAKANO The reason why NAKANO SEIYAKU CO.,LTD chose the word ”SEIYAKU” in spite of cosmetic company.
*SEIYAKU means pharmaceutical in English. We continue to manufacture cosmetics with thought such as manufacturing pharmaceuticals.We only provide genuine products. This is the origin of the company name of NAKANO SEIYAKU Co.,LTD

Combination of Kyoto and Shiga


The head office of NAKANO SEIYAKU CO.,LTD is located in Kyoto. Its factory is located in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture. Shiga Prefecture has the biggest lake called BIWA that is important as sources for industrial water and drinking water for 14 million people living in KINKI region. Therefore, we have highly conscious of environment in natural environment blessed with water and greenery in Shiga and techniques and traditions with long history of 1200 years in Kyoto. We have been developing and manufacturing products by traditions, the latest technology and consideration to environmental preservation .


A serious product development

serious product

Commitment to prescriptions, quality, efficiency, the environment and technology.We will continue to inherit these commitments from now on and to manufacture high quality and high efficiency products.