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Product name ZOIC Dyex
Quantity 150g(professional use)
Available colors Deep Violet, Violet, Fresh Pink, Cherry Pink, Natural Red, Orange, Lemon-yellow, Light Green, Mint Green, Marine Blue, Light Brown, Orange-brown, and Clear (total of 13 colors)
Features ●Easy to apply and long-lasting.
Now you can achieve beautiful results just by applying Dyex at room temperature and letting it sit for a short period of time (10 to 15 minutes). Color doesn’t change or fade, giving you long-lasting, beautiful results.
●Easy-to-apply cream gel base.
Dyex is easy to apply since it uses a cream gel base, enabling you to achieve uniform coloring from the root to the tip of the fur.
●Conditioning ingredients ensure beautiful fur.
Conditioning ingredients give fur luster and bounce, improving the condition of the final coat.
●Excellent safety.
Since Dyex is acidic-not alkaline, which can cause fur damage-and colors by means of ionic bonds, it doesn’t damage fur. What’s more, ingredients are carefully selected and the pH level controlled to avoid irritation of the fur and skin, ensuring excellent safety.
●Extensive color selection.
An extensive selection of colors, including popular brilliant colors, natural favorites, and a clear formulation that can be mixed to control saturation, lets you create a look that perfectly complements each animal’s unique personality.

Conditioning ingredients: Nat